About Me

I was inspired to make personal diffusers when my child was responding really well to aromatherapy 15 years ago.  This helped him to concentrate at school and have his mind clear due to his dyslexia. Although, it was difficult to keep the smell of the oil on his skin thoughout the day; I decided to do something about it and make a necklace a teenager would wear yet help him too.  Well, this is where (Scent & Jewelry) “scentlery.com” was created.  This journey took me on not only creating essential oil diffuser necklaces but also becoming a Certified Aromatherapist in 2018. I am now implementing my proven blends to the public. It is my intention to provide the highest quality of products and service to all. For those who have followed me throughout this journey, I THANK YOU! for your continual support.  I am BLESSED to be enlightened by these oils Nature has provided and a way to carry them everyday.

If you have any questions or thoughts please feel free to Contact me through     E-mail, Instagram or FaceBook.